While we are here to develop a website or software to help you manage your organization better, you are also looking for a company who can understand your needs, be reliable and honest, and has experience not only in building great products, but can contribute ideas you may not have thought of to assist your organization in their future growth and needs.

Comprehensive IT Support

As technology continues to grow, it’s environment can quickly become a complex and confusing to navigate. Our solutions can make your technological journey easy and enjoyable. Let us handle your day to day IT needs by providing the right technology and applications built to meet your needs, allowing you to focus on what you do best, save time, and look good.

Web Design

Websites have often become the first point of contact between you and those you are hoping to serve. At Intelli-leap, we strive to create a website that will make your organization stand out and accomplish your mission.

Mobile Apps

Intelli-Leap can provide you with flexible and completely customizable App solutions. Apps can be used to increase your organizations efficiency internally or for consumers to use in the app store, keeping them tied into your organization. We can support your application needs long-term.

Custom Designed
Business Solutions

Because some clients have specific software needs, our dedicated team of developers are able to architect and produce a product that is completely customized to your business. We love designing innovative software solutions that increase your organizations productivity.