Content should be simplistic and short, yet easily explain your message.

Content consists of what pages you want on your menu or submenus and what you want to say on each page. It can include graphics, commericals, quotes, links, and forms. Many times content is written by clients, but Intelli-Leap’s content management team can help you on this as well.

Coming Up with Content

When working with clients, we suggest that they first visit some key sites to come up with ideas for their website content that are similar to what they envision. Then, if needed, clients can work with a content editor to make sure content is concise and to the point, has verbal visualization, and is grammatically correct.

Changing Content

Once a website has been live, many clients want to change content periodically. We offer training courses to keep clients abreast of how to make changes on their own. But we also offer to manage adding content for clients should they need this service.