While we are here to develop a website or software to help you manage your organization better, you are also looking for a company who can understand your needs, be reliable and honest, and has experience not only in building great products, but can contribute ideas you may not have thought of to assist your organization in their future growth and needs.

Website Development

Websites have often become the first point of contact between you and those you are hoping to serve. At Intelli-Leap, we strive to create a website that will make your organization stand out and accomplish your mission.

Custom Websites

At Intelli-Leap, we know how to custom build the design you are dreaming of, while including applications that help you run a more successful organization.

Website Bundles

One of the keys to Intelli-Leap’s reputation is our integrity. We are 100% committed to remaining fully transparent in all of our sales and marketing efforts. Our pricing is highly competitive and all quotes are guaranteed.

Government Websites

There’s a lot more to website design than meets the eye. Your site needs to look clean and sophisticated while making it easy for visitors to navigate, with tools to meet their needs and make your job easier. We have repeat customers because we meet these needs well.

Comprehensive IT Support

As technology continues to grow, its environment can quickly become complex and confusing to navigate. Our solutions can make your technological journey easy and enjoyable.

We’ll help you get onto the right track with simple yet focused content to get your message across.

Intelli-Leap makes sure you are comfortable with knowing how to use new tools and applications.

A comprehensive line of popular social media applications, blogs, and networking tools makes it easier to keep site visitors in the loop.

Ready to move to the cloud or migrate to Office 365? With Intelli-Leap by your organization can maximize today’s technology.


Because some clients have specific software needs, our dedicated team of developers are able to architect and produce a product that is completely customized with innovative software solutions that increase your organizations productivity.