Our Process

Consultation & Assessment

Our initial consultation is about listening to clients and learning their needs. We also share ideas and concepts from our experience in technology and business that can meet clients desires and requirements. When you decide to move forward with Intelli-Leap, we begin a more intense documentation process.

Discovery & Documentation

The first steps to documenting is reiterating what the client wants Intelli-Leap to build to make sure we understand their needs. When we document, we take detailed notes on every aspect of what a client wants us to do from the needs, functionality, content, and mapping of a site or development of software. We take notes on design aspects such as fonts, color schemes, templates to use, style, graphics, comparisons to similar businesses or organizations, etc. to get a better feel for what the client wants to have built.


Once a determination is made of the scope of the project and what services are needed, we write up a proposal for the work Intelli-Leap will do. When the proposal is agreed upon, we begin the design phase to bring you the solutions you desire.


The design stage encompasses the look and feel, mobile needs, and leaves you with a functional prototype that you can actually do something with. In some cases, this phase may be all we do for you; the project may be too big for the moment, the prototype may do the job, or you may be ready to dive in to more development to get the tools you are wanting. Whatever the next step, we’re here to serve you.


We love to code simple to complex and powerful data models that bring your project to life to meet your desires and needs. Knowing what the code really must accomplish is productive to everyone’s time. By the time we get to this stage of your project, your needs have been clearly assessed, and massive time goes into producing your new product.

Testing & Debugging

It’s time to launch your project onto your hosting server and possibly align it with your current systems. This is the time for your team to test, give feed back, and for us to work out any kinks that need to be ironed out.


Everything is working wonderfully now and it is time to go live! It’s time to show your new upgrades off. Whether we’re helping you take your organization online, building an online portal to sell your products and services, helping you reach out to constituents, or simply setting up new applications so that your team can better collaborate and communicate, the day will come when your new product is ready to make your life easier! We look forward to sharing the excitement and enthusiasm with you on this day.