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We believe in…

Making government interactive

From counties to municipalities, Intelli-Leap helps governments interact with residents, businesses, employees and vendors.

Making businesses successful

Our goal is to make our clients’ websites truly eye catching. Intelli-Leap loves to help clients capture the design that best represents their needs with functionality and navigability being important components for a successful user experience.

We are pleased to have repeat customers, to develop affordable and user- friendly services, and to build sites and applications that meet our clients needs and budgets. Intelli-Leap appreciates how satisfied client recommendations help us network.

Making government, businesses, and organizations accessible

Whatever your organization, the need to connect to the individuals, companies, and the communities you serve is important. The websites developed by Intelli—Leap have made our clients more successful through accessibility.

Governments, businesses, and organizations must stay current with technology changes in the way they reach out to the individuals, companies, and communities who rely on them. This is why Intelli-Leap continues enhancing it’s technology, regularly adding new features that enable our clients to most effectively serve their constituents, customers, or clients and manage their website content. We are happy to support your growing needs.

Making websites make a difference

At Intelli-Leap, we are committed to making your website be what you need while keeping the design eye-catching, and reflective of your message. We explore applications and ideas to best help you reach out to your market, while still helping you run your organizational needs from within.

We advise clients to use open source applications when they can, but are more than happy to customize applications to fit clients needs. We take the time to listen to clients needs, consult with clients, and share our own experience and technical insights, which helps businesses, organizations, and government institutions to work out the best plan with us so that we can build what clients need and want.

Our innovative web design, user friendly web content management system and variety of web apps allow our clients to make a difference in the people’s lives that they serve.


We love the creativity involved in meeting our clients needs.

We work carefully through the whole process with our clients to ensure that every aspect of the development and deployment process goes according to plan. Initial meetings establish client needs and expectations so that development can proceed based on well-defined parameters.

Intelli-Leap team members continue touching base with our clients so that all agreed upon parameters proceed according to plan.

Of course, client changes are a natural part of the development process, and Intelli-Leap is happy to provide balance in changes that may need to be added to the project parameters.

Data Migration

Intelli-Leap understands that nothing is more important to our clients than the data on their websites.

Site visitors will be delighted with your new site design and your team can rest assured that if you are upgrading your website the information from your old site has migrated flawlessly to your beautiful new site.

You can feel confident knowing that we coordinate efforts to make sure your data is stored securely on servers at your own facility or through a secure hosting company.

“Intelli-Leap takes great care in transferring content to your new website. We work with our clients to design a page structure that reaches each element of their target audience. The migration team’s goal is to present your content in your beautiful new website, ready to go live, with you and your target market in mind.”


There’s a lot more to website design than meets the eye. Your site needs to look clean and inviting, as well as easy for visitors to navigate. But it’s equally important that your staff be able to add, delete and modify content with the click of a mouse.

Intelli-Leap is a web design and software development company specializing in meeting the needs of municipalities, businesses, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. We have repeat customers because we meet these needs well.

“Staying current with cutting edge methods and practices creates an excitement in our clients when they see what we have designed and developed. We truly enjoy watching the satisfaction our clients exude when our software development tools have made life function easier. We also love seeing the beauty that can be created when combining these applications on an eye catching website.”

Daniel Elliott – Software Architect & CEO


One of the keys to Intelli-Leap’s reputation is our integrity. Honesty and hard work in all of our sales and marketing efforts are important to us.

Our pricing is highly competitive and all quotes are guaranteed. We like to work with our clients to establish realistic timelines for both the client and Intelli-Leap to follow in order for the work to be completed by the projected time frame.

Intelli-Leap representatives keep in contact with clients throughout the development and deployment process, and well beyond, ensuring that any issues are capably resolved.

Beautiful and functional websites are the means we employ to meet our true production goal: Satisfied clients.

“Many of our clients are repeat clients because at Intelli-Leap, we earn the trust of our clients, suggesting various ways to accomplish their technological and business goals while staying to a budget they can afford. Evaluating and being totally adaptable to their needs opens the door for our clients to comfortably talk with us on a frequent basis to upgrade, add new applications, and stay current with technology needs within their organization. As always, Intelli-Leap is looking for a long-term relationship with our clients, where clients feel comfortable returning to us for all of their IT needs.”


The Intelli-Leap includes a comprehensive line of popular social media applications and networking to make it easy for your staff to keep site visitors in the loop.

“While individualized to each client, all websites need to be easy to use and have applications that live up to expectations. Verifying that the web experience meets the needs of your users is the key to success. Our marketing team is willing to assist clients who are struggling to manage their website through training sessions or by offering assistance in content editing. We help clients explore the best solutions to make their sites user-friendly.”